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Why should I care about Regenerative Agriculture?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

There is so much talk about climate issues and food quality, and whether we should be eating meat or not, and the narratives are so confusing as we contemplate our future decision-making. Nature operates as a complex system, and by observation and learning the cycles of natural processes, we can participate in those cycles to the advantage of both ourselves and nature. The usual means of human endeavor is to create a complicated set of problem solving-creating new problems-solve those problems-create more problems-and on and on. Let's stop! Our reductionist thinking and planning is not the answer. It has left us with increasing problems which require increasing amounts of money to maintain.

The picture above is a comparison of conventional agriculture and REGENERATIVE agriculture. The data for it was collected by White Oak Pastures. (click the underlined words to access the website) White Oaks is a profitable farm, unlike so many others. They are an example of great management.

If you are an investor, we would like to invite you to educate yourself on the issues and offer this document: Unlocking Investments in Regenerative Agriculture, as a means for doing so. Because Rainbird Village is to be built in an opportunity zone, you may also want some current information about Qualified Opportunity Funding as well. Please keep in mind that there are always potential changes in this legislation.

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