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We come together as a community in service to a higher purpose: to learn and teach principles of harmony with the Earth and one another in an oasis of natural ecology and spirit. It is hoped that members of our community will take advantage of the opportunities for growth, learning and enjoyment of a more natural lifestyle on the cutting edge of clean and regenerative technologies.  Each person will fulfill responsibilities according to their talents, preferences and the community’s needs.


The members of our community come from a wide variety of disciplines, traditions, and backgrounds, all with the desire to share their talents with each other and the world at large. While it might be easier to develop a community of one religious or spiritual persuasion, such groups tend to become insular and opportunities for growth may be stunted. We celebrate multiple expressions of human tradition and endeavor that have been shown to elevate the human condition. It is our intention to provide an atmosphere that will raise the level of conscious interaction within the community, where compassion, service and trust may advance. We are developing a constitution which outlines the parameters of our vision and mission, and the behaviors desirable to it. Some will be permanent members of the community and others will come to learn on a temporary basis and then return to their homelands to teach, and plant the seeds of what they have learned in their own communities.

Our bridge building is intended to take much needed knowledge and technology from the fringes of creative and innovative processes into mainstream legitimacy. Additionally, the boundaries between vocation and avocation are blurred and contributions can be customized to individual needs and preferences.


Language which creates a spirit of patience, support, freedom, valuing, cooperation and enthusiasm is to be encouraged throughout. We desire to develop concepts which feel inevitable and irresistible, and inspire confidence in our ability to fundamentally improve processes and systems.

Our people are everything to us. Leadership is service. 

VILLAGER CONDITIONSHousing, healthcare, placement, training and education will be provided as a benefit of Cooperative Employee-Ownership, including dependent family members.

Villagers will be recruited in accordance with their in-life purpose, talents and abilities as openings occur within the producer cooperative. The more the cooperative prospers and the greater the villager's responsibilities and value creation, the higher the pay units.

So, as to have "skin in the game", new villagers are required to purchase cooperative common stock, which will be bought back by the cooperative at existing market value should a villager decide at any time to leave.

All Villagers who are Cooperative member/owners will have equal voting privileges at the annual meeting of the Employee-Owner General Assembly.

SIGN UP HERE: Please take a look at the many opportunities listed below (Rainbird Revenue Streams) to see if you may find your place among us. Rainbird is a full-service village, and as such, it will need the talents of a full range of people. Please let us know if you would like to be considered for a position, and/or if you think that we may have overlooked something in our list.

Revenue Streams

Rainbird Revenue Streams

Service Organization


         Media and Publishing

         Data mining and analytics, Tokenization, DAO and Crypto

         Financial and Legal Services, Security personnel

         Collaborations with outside organizations

                   Universities and educational institutions

                   Companies: Renewable Energy, Natural Housing builders, etc.

                   NGO’s, Charitable Foundations and Funds

         Prototyping Intentional Communities and Eco-Village Designs

         Creative real estate use and development: time share, leasing

         Cooperatives incubation and connectivity

         Marketing and Online Sales

         Farming, Ranching, land-management ...Buildings: repairing, management


Regenerative Ecosystem Services


        Regenerative Arts and Ecologies Institute  (RAEI) Student Tuition, grants

                   Permaculture Research Institute (PRI)

                             Permaculture student training and advanced certifications

                             Permaculture Consulting        

                                      Urban, Suburban, and rural Strategies

                                      Plant Guilds, Enhancements, Animal/Plant Synergies

                             Testing: Soils, microbiology, assay of nutritional values, etc.

                   Biological Sciences: Horticulture, Genetics, Nutrition, Physiology

                             Botanicals: Medicinal, Nutritional, and Cosmetic

                             Biomimicry, New product research and IP revenues

                   Physical Sciences: Energy -- Physics, Chemistry, Geology

                             Energy saving devices, research and IP revenues

                             Energy producing devices, research and IP revenues

                   Humanities and Arts: history, literature, philosophy, economics

                             Educational research: Enhanced, self-directed

                             Fine Arts: Studio arts, music, dance, cultural expression

                             Craftsmanship: Practical crafts, pottery, blacksmith, wood,

                                      Metal, leather, sustainable, ecological building,  

                             Clothing and textiles, food production and storage,

                             Home economics, child care and development

                             Ecological Architecture, design and maintenance

          Holistic Health Academy and Clinics (Tuition, and medical services)

                   Functional Medicine, Integrative Health Strategies

                             Wellness, Nutrition, Evaluation and Testing, Treatment,                                       Education, Research, Devices


                   Incubator and Accelerator for Regenerative Business development

                   Tech-sector integration and development


Business Sector


          Themed Shopping Area:

                   Grocery and Food: Dairy, Bakery, Meats, Produce

                   Apothecary: Herbal medicines, Nutritionals and Cosmetics

                   Horticultural and Agricultural: seeds and nursery stock

                   Animal related businesses: leather goods, fibers, livestock

                   Arts and Craft Sales: fine art, metal, wood, clothing, tools

                   Shoemaker, Tailor shop, Quilt and Needlecraft maker.

                   Ceramics, Pottery, Blacksmith, Gadgets and Widgets…

                   Cooper and container maker shops, Furnishings Shop

                   3D printer shop, Toy Maker Shop

                   Florist shop

                   Ice Cream Shoppe

                   Restaurants: Fine Dining, Ye Olde Public House Café, and Snack bar

                   Bookstore and self-publisher

                   Makers Tool Library and Shops

                   Recycle and Thrift Shops, Electronics and Appliance repair

          Destination Health Spa:

                   Functional Medicine Clinic services

                   Integrative Wellness services and diagnostics

                             Personalized programs

                             Family centered health and wellness

                             Yoga, Tai Chi, Etc.

          Hospitality and Eco-tourism:

                   Conference Center and Villages

                             Conference hosting and lodging in “eco-villages”

                             International inspired eco-village accommodations

                   Student/Intern Housing

                   Dining: Casual, Fine dining and Student food services

                   Camping areas, tours and guides

                   Recreation and Wilderness related businesses

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