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Village Life
Whole-Systems Human Habitat Regeneration

We are considering a number of sites in Utah, for creation of our first regionally influential, employee-owned, cooperative producer communities adapted from the highly successful Mondragon Cooperative and designed to generate, showcase and export regenerative technologies and practices regionally and beyond.
Features include:

A regenerative community goes beyond mere sustainability. It must be designed from the outset to be a Prosperity Generator. (See image below) 


It’s like a multi-cylinder engine that must be firing continuously on all cylinders for smooth and  efficient operation. And each cylinder or component must perform its function, as well as contribute to the overall performance of the whole towards continuous improvement. Anything omitted will result in a failure point and an externality at the expense of others. 

All of these components have been incorporated into our design of Rainbird Villages. These features are scheduled to be built out over site-specific time periods with business productivity in mind.

We want to create demonstration sites where visitors can see, feel, taste and experience a regenerative  and prosperous lifestyle of abundance so it can be exported and replicated state-wide and beyond.

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