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Goal, Mission, Vision


Living, producer-based Villages in Rural or Semi-rural areas that exemplify application of regenerative technologies and methodologies where villagers can experience better and more regenerative lifestyles in the midst of good business practices.



  1. To establish synergistic village enterprises that are living, breathing, fully functional models of sustainable and regenerative productiveness.

  2. To research, develop, implement, showcase, train, and deliver all aspects required to achieve such a life in community with each other and the ecology of life around us. 

  3. To collaborate with experts and innovators in sustainable and regenerative technologies and methodologies in a manner that brings holistic viability to market.

  4. To be a major catalyst for a paradigm shift from centralized exploitation to localized stewardship of all forms of capital.



Rainbird Villages will consist of reasonably large acreage sites in rural or semi-rural areas upon which ecologically regenerative, energy efficient and aesthetically charming landscapes and climate-appropriate methodologies and structures can be developed. Full utilization and support of Nature's technology and bounty, interdependent with respectful human relationships will achieve a symphony of synergistic abundance. Recognizing that ideology is insufficient without good business planning and execution, we have taken a holistic view to economics as well as ecology.

Who we are/not
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