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There are several ways to participate with the Rainbird Village project:
*If you are an interested and qualified investor, please talk to us. What we hope to be able to accomplish in the next two years is to raise funds in the following ways: direct investment, and philanthropic contribution. Future projects may be funded through Qualified Opportunity Funding. Our projects are large and in order to assure their success, we don’t want them to be underfunded.
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Building Schedule

In greenfield projects, as soon as we have sufficient funding, the land will be purchased, and the ecological design process will be initiated and implemented. The residential communities are like subdivisions within a Village. Each village will have a number of them which is appropriate to the location. Each residential community will have 20-80 residences of varying sizes and a large community center with commercial kitchen and other social and commercial functions. As soon as we have one of them functional, then we can begin the educational, research, health & wellness and other functions in microcosm. As we are able to add the buildings for what we are calling a “University of Regeneration” those functions will grow to be a truly excellent, leading-edge research, development and innovation institution. Guest facilities and accommodations will follow along with a unique regionalized shopping experience: local food, arts, craftsmanship, and entertainment. All Regenerative! 

In land with existing facilities, we will consider the commercial value of what is already there to bring early wins and create stability for the project as the other parts of the village are built out.

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