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Regenerative Education & Facilitation Programs

The Programs of Rainbird Village are designed to interact with each other in synergistic, whole system relationships. There is a "stacking of functions" which will allow for greater efficiency and effectiveness of the whole. Services such as personnel, governance, data management, infrastructure, quality assurance and others, which are necessary for the functioning of each business division, can be centralized, eliminating duplication of time and effort. 

Programs offered by Rainbird Village include: 

  • Regenerative Arts and Ecologies Institute - A University of Regeneration

    • Regional Permaculture Research Institute​. Some locations may have a smaller ecological-specific focus applicable to its location.

    • Regencubator - A regenerative business incubator and accelerator

    • Maker Spaces - creative prototype development, repair, and personal skill development​ 

  • ​Holistic Health Academy & Clinics - Certificate and Post-Doctoral Fellowships. Some locations may have only a Wellness Spa or Clinic according to the purpose and/or need of the community.

  • Online Courses for Regenerative Education & shared media from other sources

  • Villager education system - Personalized education: K-12, and advanced studies.


Credit: Bill Reed, "Shifting our Mental Model." Integrative Design Collaborative.

Why Now?

          Our team members have broad experience from working in various parts of the world, and have seen the plight of humanity as ecosystems have become degraded because of poor management. Clean water and healthy soils are becoming increasingly rare resources, and unless we can turn it around, the distress coming in the future will be profound. In seeing the trajectory, many people are discouraged about the likely outcomes. In the process of becoming more conscious of ecological realities, there comes a point of awareness which can feel quite alarming. When we fully see the dire circumstances, there is a process of mourning, denial and frustration which often follows, and many of us have experienced times of depression. The good news is, that once people accept the reality of our situation, they are in a greater position to do something about it. There are people engaged in ecosystem restoration and regeneration that Actually Works!!! There are also people who talk seemingly forever about fixing the problems, but who have no direct experience and propose nonsensical actions, which waste a great deal of time and money for themselves and their listeners. It is time for demonstrations of what really works.

          It is also crucial to acknowledge that two of the most important commercial sectors of our economy have their roots in a fundamental lie: that nature is not our friend. Both conventional agriculture and the medical complex are based in a distrust of nature and result in extreme efforts to fight nature. Instead of studying nature to see what might be learned from the whole systems of natural processes, and augment those parts which favor regeneration of life and health, we take a very short-sighted and reductionist view of what we consider to be problematic. As we do so, we come up with solutions, which then go on to create even more problems. What we have created currently, has become increasingly complicated to the point that we are poisoning ourselves on many levels. Medical error is now the third highest cause of death in the industrialized world, and the other two major diseases above it are attributable to lifestyle considerations, which could be substantially alleviated through changes of agricultural and distribution systems. LEARN MORE...

Background: A cheeky baby African Wood Owl (Strix woodfordii), Masoka, Zimbabwe. by Nik Borrow

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