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We are in the business of LIFE

Most of us are accustomed to living very fragmented lives. There is our life at work or school, and our social life, and our family or home life, and many times our loyalties are divided and we feel torn and unbalanced. What if you could live your life in such a way that you could make your contribution in a more unified manner? 

Rainbird structures have hierarchical qualities, but they are Hierarchies of Service rather than hierarchies of power. We acknowledge that power is in the individual and the choices that he or she makes, and we honor the agency of our villagers, as they honor the agency of each other. With people living and working in close proximity to each other, high levels of courtesy and respect are required. When we live to be a benefit and blessing to those around us, we have a much higher quality of life. In our times, we also need to be in service to an extended reality, because when we share what we know with others who may lack wisdom, we make a better world for all of us.   

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Local and Rural Benefits: Place Making! Creating social and commercial structures which improve community cohesion, decision making, purposeful work, prosperity, recreation, and a hopeful future for posterity. Using practices and methodologies which have been shown to work well over time, and which are regenerative instead of extractive. Less talk, more DO! If we put all of the regenerative technologies and practices in one place, how would that look? That is Rainbird Village. People often ask us, “Where can we go to see how the regenerative concepts work on the ground?” Right here! 

Living your Purpose: At Rainbird we are especially looking for people who have done the work to know their purpose and find joy in the combination of activities that comprise it. The Japanese have a word for it: IKIGAI. It is that space where all of the parts of life come together to create a sense of "This is the REAL ME. This is my reason for being."  

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It takes some maturity to come to a knowledge of oneself. The journey is sometimes long and arduous, but it is always worth it. Our educational processes are customized to the individual to facilitate the inner work and knowledge of self which is needed to find this profound personal space. This is true grace in action. 


Perhaps you may imagine the great synergies that would arise with people who are grounded in their own being and working with each other. Differences of perspectives when shared respectfully, increase the vision of all. The outcomes of this kind of cooperation can be truly spectacular. (see villagers)

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