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Opportunity Zones are federally acknowledged, state designated areas for economic development. 
Qualified Opportunity Funds, such as the Rainbird Development Company, offer the potential for investors to shelter their capital gains and earn tax-free returns. 

If you have recently made, or are soon to make, a capital gain (profit) on the sale of:

  • A business

  • Stocks

  • Bonds

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Equipment

  • Precious metals

  • Real estate

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You can shelter your capital gains from taxation by rolling them into our Qualified Opportunity Fund! If QOZ legislation is extended, holding a QOF investment for 10 years results in tax-free returns. Please check with your accountant for details.

If QOZ legislation is extended beyond 2026, holding period for achieving tax benefits:


We are accepting investment of capital gains into Rainbird Development Co, Benefit LLC, a Qualified Opportunity Fund, for acquiring real estate in specific Qualified Opportunity Zones and developing all improvements for cooperative villages.


NOTE: If you have non-capital gains funds you would like to invest, please see our Direct Investors page. If you need to make a charitable donation, please see our Philanthropy page.

If you would like more information, please CONTACT US


Our Team

We are seasoned professionals dedicated to creating the planned whole-systems regenerative communities of the future. 

Our Managing Sponsor has completed full cycle projects in Master Planned Communities, Residential Housing Construction, building up to 300+ units per year, and commercial industrial business parks as well as housing acquisition, renovation, and sale. 

Our Architectural team members are time tested, ecologically savvy people who are passionate about what they do.


Our Agroecology team has completed large-scale ecosystem restoration projects around the world, with requisite understanding of varied climate needs.

(See: Our People)

Tax Benefits

If you roll your capital gains in our QOF, the first benefit is your ability to shelter any capital gains from taxation for 5 years, whereupon your capital gains tax liability, will be reduced by 10%. In the likely event that QOZ legislation is extended (See: Article), after 7 years your capital gains liability would be reduced by 15%.

Maintaining your QOF investments for 10 years will continue to accrue tax-free earnings, ensures the maximum fair market value step-up in basis, and, if QOZ legislation is extended, reduce your capital gains tax liability on the appreciation to 0%.

Regulatory framework and due diligence expectations.

Rainbird Development Co., Benefit LLC is a site-specific opportunity fund. It is not a managed fund and your entire investment will go toward QOZ projects. We will provide membership units to all investors and provide you with all the transparency and reporting required by law.

QOF Exit Strategy

Exit 1: At the end of 10 years, all investment capital will be returned as well as accrued earnings as stated in the Rainbird Development Co PPM.


Exit 2: Alternatively, members will have the option to stay to accrue earnings from our ongoing projects for years to come by us scaling our village model through replication in multiple locations.

How do cooperative villages make money?

Our prototype cooperative village will consist of the following Revenue Streams:


Why you should invest with Rainbird Development Co rather than some other project?

In addition to the tax benefits and tax-free earnings above, you get the satisfaction of earning a preferred rate of return and of being a key foundational member in our effort to create move-in ready infrastructure for prosperous, regionally self-reliant cooperative communities. Rural and semi-rural areas our country are ripe for regeneration, and it is our aim to be a catalyst for the revitalization of American.

We live in a time of disruptive social and economic forces, and we believe that the creation of these village systems is a hedge against these untoward forces. We care about the future and when we make decisions, we consider the impact of those decisions over seven generations. What good does it do to have short-term gains which evaporate in social, economic and political turmoil? Our village system incorporates the basis of long term prosperity on a local and regional basis.

If this sounds like something you would like to get behind, please CONTACT US.

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