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Shopping Complex

Shopping at Rainbird will be a truly unique experience. Our complexes may be composed of a charming collection of General Stores, Farmers' Markets, Clothing Boutiques, Arts & Crafts Galleries, Public House Café, Ice Cream Parlor, Apothecary, Salons, Upcycle shops, and Shoe Repair. All complete with Entertainment.


Because we are passionate about regeneration, we have realized that many areas of the planet are not economically secure, and opportunity is not very well distributed. In order to build regional resilience we urgently need to relocalize crucial industries and the distribution channels associated with them. We want to provide a marketplace for local homemade goods and services. We want to help people who have talents to share, but don't want to do all of the marketing and packaging necessary for retail distribution. We think that there is both a hunger and market for things that are made with care and creativity, useful items which are well-crafted and beautiful. Humanity, as living beings, requires reverence for our creative impulses in order to be healthy; we are not merely cogs in a gigantic industrial wheel.

We have three suggestions for the theme of our shopping complex. All of them have something to do with the location or history of the area. The Utah area is part of the region in the USA which is called: the Southwest. Historically, it has roots in the pioneer legacy of the Old West. Some locations may already have a theme suggested by the architecture of the area, which may have been settled by European, Asian, or other immigrants to their respective areas. So, what do you like? 

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Western Shopping Complex.jpg
Themed shopping complex.jpg

Example of a localized Ethnic-Themed shopping complex

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