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Our People

Farmers, medical doctors and other health-related professionals, architects, builders, teachers, scientists, researchers, artists and craftsmen of many kinds will interact with one another, with respect for each other’s contributions, as we bring basic services and life skills closer together in community experience.

Much of what we do requires us to become proficient in the vocabularies of the industries, sciences, and professions that we are attempting to integrate, so we are, both literally and symbolically, knowledge translators serving disciplines largely foreign to each other.  Our bridge building is intended to take much needed knowledge and technology from the fringes of creative and innovative processes into mainstream legitimacy. Additionally, the boundaries between vocation and avocation are blurred and contributions can be customized to individual needs and preferences.


Language which creates a spirit of patience, support, freedom, valuing, cooperation and enthusiasm is to be encouraged throughout. We desire to develop concepts which feel inevitable and irresistible, and inspire confidence in our ability to fundamentally improve processes and systems.

Our people are everything to us. Leadership is service. 

This is where we begin...

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Colleen Dick

Founder, Concept Designer, Team Builder

Scientist (Nutritional Biochemistry)


Entrepreneur with 30 years experience.

Regenerative technology and practice: promoter and networker.

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Harrison Quigley


  • Social enterprise invisible structures specialist

  • Former management trainer and consultant 

  • Regional self-reliance & regenerative agroecology enthusiast.

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Land Acquisition & Development Expertise, Legal Counsel
Curtis Wolthuis

Land & Legal

Principal-Vision Park Utah

Specialties: Complex Business Planning and Problem Solving, Project Planning and Development, Government Entitlement for Large Scale Real Property Projects, General Counsel Business, Real Property and Construction Companies, Client-Vendor Relationship Development & Management.

Entitlement of Real Property Projects including Master Planned Communities, TOD's, Commercial projects.

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Designers - Agroecology & Permaculture
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Daniel Halsey

Head Designer

Co-founder - United Designers International Designs developing ecologically supported homestead systems, ecosystem restoration, and intentional communities. Site-specific solutions based on local resources, site conditions, and improved cultural practices. Farms, homesteads, watershed, and village systems - perennial harvests to support the community. Always raising the carrying capacity of the land.

Board Director of PRI/USA
Owner/Director of the Natural Capital Plant Database
Internationally Certified Permaculture Instructor (PRI/AU)

Certified Permaculture Instructor (PINA) 

Consultant, Designer, and Educator (USAID)

Masters of Professional Studies, Horticulture (UMN)

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Neal Spackman


  • Founder & CEO, Regenerative Resources Corporation

  • Cofounder and Director of the Al Baydha Project in Saudi Arabia. He lived and worked with tribes of bedou to convert deserts into savannahs. 

  • Founded webinar series Sustainable Design Masterclass,

  • Taught and consulted in the Middle East, Africa, and Americas.  He is passionate about the connection between ecologies and wealth.

  • Alumnus of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

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Architects and Engineers
Julie Leeder.jfif
Julie Leeder Seegmiller

Lead Architect

H13 Architects: Cedar City, Utah An architect with years of green building experience with background in interior design and construction management. A bright, thoughtful addition to our team.

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Engineering & Architectural  Consultant

Founder and Executive Director at Institute of Integrated Regenerative Design; trains professional design practitioners to create systems that are ecosystemic, biocompatible, and regenerative. He has over 30 years’ experience in engineering and 20 years in sustainable and regenerative design.


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Alan Booker
Ray Gardner.jpg
Ray Gardner

Architectural Consultant

Principle: Gardner Partnership Architects, Cedar City, Utah

He has extensive experience with energy efficient design, and ecological community orientation.

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Roice Nelson

BGC (Boots-on-the-Ground Catalyst)

President at Walden 3-D, Inc. and Dynamic Measurement, LLC

A Geophysicist with many years’ experience in energy sector exploration. A man of many talents and especially valuable to us because he knows where the water is. He is a very valuable liaison with the community leaders in the Cedar City area.   He has spent 50 years developing the models behind the Urban Machine, a sustainable concept city.

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Renaissance People
jeff Goebel.jpg
Jeff Goebel


Owner: AboutListening & Assoc. 

and Community Consensus Inst.

Conflict resolution through consensus building, community development, financial planning, desertification solutions, resolving natural resource conflicts, holistic planning and implementation, triple bottom line, whole systems strategic planning and management using GIS.

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Could this be YOU?

What will you do?

If you feel that you have something to offer and you find the Vision, Goals, and Mission of Rainbird Village compelling. Please Talk to Us.

Thank you! 

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Our people are the Best!!! Some are world renown and others with locally demonstrable expertise. It is our desire to attract excellent people who have a sense of purpose, and joy in their work, to our project. Rainbird Village is a big project and it's staff will be large. Here is a more extensive roster of the First Phase Participants which is growing all the time.


Cheerleaders - Supporters who care about our mission and want to wish us success.



Tom Catino

Associates - Organizations with which we will have ongoing relationships for mutual benefit.

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Sponsors - People & Organizations who have generously donated resources: money, talent, time...

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