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Hobble Creek Ranch

Welcome to Hobble Creek Ranch, Resort & Wellness Spa. It is a spectacular Wasatch Mountain property just East of Provo Utah. Rainbird Development Company is considering this property as a very first demonstration site for our regenerative village concepts. There are many advantages. The property is large, almost 3390 acres and it is all in one piece. A large part of the needed infrastructure is already in place. The magnificent Chateau is ready for use as an elite medical spa and hospitality center. Business operations can start on day one. To see the larger Rainbird Village concept, and any other projects which may be considered in the future, please see our WEBSITE.

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For Interactive Map click HERE.

Executive Summary
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Data is site-specific to Ranch property, and will replaced by a new phased landing page. Coming soon! Please ask for updated information.



  • Hospitality - Event hosting, Lodging, Dining (with most food grown on the property), Executive Retreats, Ecotourism, Programs and Entertainment.

  • Health & Wellness Comprehensive Wellness Assessments & Annual Physical Examinations. Integrative & Functional Medicine Diagnostics, Education & Treatment. Bio-Feedback, Medical Spa Treatments, Physical & Exercise Therapy, Wearable devices, Massage Therapy, Nutrition & Nutri-genomics, Naturopathic and Herbal support, Pharmaceutical evaluations, Yoga, Tai Chi, and other holistic health strategies.

  • Ecological System Services - Regenerative: Forestry, Ranching, Farming, & Landscape Management. Animal care, Agroforestry education & products. Permaculture Research Institute - Mountain Ecosystems. Water, Energy & Waste management systems technologies - development & sales.

  • Products and Retail - Fresh & Value-added Food. (Bakers, Cheese makers, etc.) Nutritional, Medicinal & Cosmetic items. Natural Fibers: fabrics and crafts. Other maker-space items and locally sourced hand-crafted items. (examples: Quilts, home goods, clothing, tools, furnishings, artistic items) Online Sales.

Business Support Services:

Leadership, Management, & Program Development

Governance - Business & Community

Education Support - Community education, Wellness, and Agroecology/Forestry Institute

Data & Electronic Services - Hardware, Software, Applications & Analytics

Financial Services - Bookkeeping, Accounting, Analysis & Strategy

Quality Assurance, Accountability & Legal 

Human Resources & Personnel

Public & Stakeholder Relations - Sales, Marketing, Public Information & Reputation Management,         Government/Academic/Corporate Partnerships & Endorsements. Larger Community outreach.

Market Size


Potential service convergence to the largest emerging markets in the world. 

  • Hospitality - Global Market is expected to hit $5.9 Trillion by 2022.  Travelers in Utah spent $10.06 Billion in 2019. Utah is a great tourist destination and our programs and services are at the pinnacle of the health and wellness industries. We think that we check all of the boxes for value, variety of activities, and our focus on a regenerative future. We don't know of another place that brings together all of these desirable qualities better than we do.

Market size Hospitality_edited.jpg
Utah Tourism.jpg

The property spans about 4.5 miles East to West and the elevation goes from 5,700 feet to 9,000 feet. The terrain offers spectacular mountain and valley views and a multitude of activities for 4 season enjoyment. Because of our ecological emphasis, we will not over build or misuse the land, so it will continue to offer the very best of experience for our guests who want solitude, personalized service, and a one of a kind experience. The location is remote but convenient. It is only a little over an hour from the Salt Lake International Airport. The opulent mansion house and grounds offer uncommon luxury and comfort. Guests will feel like royalty. 

  • Health and Wellness - Global market was $4.2 Trillion in 2017 with $52.5 Billion being spent within the United States. 79% of employers are now offering wellness programs for their employees. Workplace disease management programs are losing popularity to wellness programs. Health and wellness industry  spending growth makes it a direct competitor to healthcare spending. Who wouldn't rather stay well than become ill? Since many of the most lethal diseases are lifestyle and nutrition related, it makes sense to place focus on health.

Market size Wellness_edited.jpg
  • Ecological System Services - Definitely a growing sector of our economy and perhaps the most important, but the first two will carry us to profitability. By investing in us, you are also supporting our ecological mission to bring forth education and research in the areas of Agroforestry, Holistic Land Management, Agroecology and Permaculture. You are supporting regenerative villages of the future.

  • Products and Retail - Definitely the icing on the cake. A demonstration site for regenerative commerce and economics.

Our Team

We have assembled some of the best and brightest minds to bring to reality a vision of whole-systems planned, regenerative communities of the future. It is also very important to us to bring the right people together who have the experience, the persistence, the people-skills and the heart and might to make it happen.


Our Agroecology teams (United Designers and others) have completed large-scale ecosystem restoration projects around the world, with requisite understanding of dry climate needs. Curtis Wolthuis and associates have completed full cycle projects in Master Planned Communities, Residential Housing Construction, building up to 300+ units per year, and commercial industrial business parks, right here in Utah County. Our Architects and Support team members are time tested, ecologically savvy people who are passionate about what they do.

Experienced and successful, Integrative Medical Associates, and other highly regarded wellness professionals are ready to serve our clients as we continue to establish our own elite team as traffic requires. 

We are considering qualified individuals as hospitality management specialists. All aimed at providing the highest level of service to our clientele and very competent transparency to our community members and investors. 

We are unable to disclose, at this time, some of the potential executives. For more information about our collaborators and team members, please see: OUR PEOPLE.

Existing Facilities
Existing Facilities

An elegant and welcoming presence, sure to help you feel like royalty

Health Spa Buildings .jpg
Mansion House - Spa_edited.jpg
Spa Entrance.jpg
Fine Dining.jpg

The Chateau has 6 King bedrooms with ensuite baths

Luxury accomodations.jpg
Luxury bath.jpg
Luxury Shower.jpg

The Chateau Complex includes many amenities: pool, hot tubs, gymnasium, sauna & more.

Swimming Pool.jpg

Outdoor activities span the seasons with magnificent views all around: horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing & kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, snow-shoeing and skiing.

Horse Stables.jpg
Horseback riding.jpg
Mountain Biking.jpg
Canoeing .jpg
Hiking and Snow Shoeing.jpg
Mountain Views_edited.jpg
Nature walks.jpg
Pond at sunset.jpeg

See Property Brochure and Website   To See a companion property: Hobble Creek Mansion 

New Construction
New Construction & Purchases

Guest Facilities Expansion: 10 tri-plex units built over 2 years. (5 per year) A tri-plex unit consists of a 1 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath apartment in the center with a studio apartment on either side. They can be combined for a very large 3 bed, 3 1/2 bath apartment or used individually. If each room/apartment were to have a week long guest, the following chart shows our Guest Lodging Capacity. Please keep in mind the first year we have only the mansion rooms available. A few of the rooms will have convertible sofa beds for extra capacity.

Guest Lodging Capacity .jpg

Examples of possible future guest lodging...  The right look and feel.

Top: Guest Tri-plex. From bottom left: 1 Bedroom Apartment, Beautiful Bath, Studio Apartment.

Charming guest cottage..jpg
Guest bedroom.jfif
Luxury bath 2.jfif
Guest rooms - Hudson Valley.jfif
Earth Power Lodge.jpg

Additional Construction: Among the first structures to be built will be the Earth Power Lodge (EPL) and Greenhouses. The EPL is an ecologically sound production facility which produces Bio-char, Algae, and Generates Electricity. The EPL will also heat the green houses as needed. 

Green house with walled garden.jfif

Gathering Spaces and Facilities: Pavilion and Conservatory        (examples)

Artisan store.jpg

Shopping Complex: General Store, Farmers' Market, Apothecary, Bakery, Ice Cream, Salon, 3 levels of Restaurants.                    (Concepts only)

Ice Cream cone transparent.png
Apothecary store.jfif
Shopping area 3_edited.jpg
Shopping area 2.jpg
Garden circle.jpg

Eden Project in Cornwall, England.

Fine Dining 2.jfif

Ecological System Services: Currently there are 7 ponds, about 100 head of cattle and about 200 acres under pivot irrigation. As we transition to Regenerative Systems, in addition to the EPL and Greenhouses, mentioned above, we will need the following construction: Agroecology/Agroforestry Building - including Dairy Facility, Sheering shed, Labs, Classrooms, and Student housing. Regencubator: maker spaces, mentoring. Extensive data labs will allow us to learn from nature as never before. (Examples)

Agroforestry Building.jpg
Chicken Tractors.jfif
Farm Animals.jpg
Valais Blacknose Sheep_edited.jpg

Employee Residences: A variety of ecologically appropriate homes will be built. 45 Units is estimated to be the initial number (single, duplex & triplex) to house the full-time employee owners of the village.

Residential Home stone and timber.jpg
Residential Home stone cottage_edited.jpg
Residential Home Timber.jpg
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