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Site Specific Investment (Special Purpose Vehicle)

What is a Special Purpose Vehicle? 

Key Takeaways

  • A special purpose vehicle (SPV) is a subsidiary legal entity created by a parent company to isolate the financial risk of certain assets, projects, or ventures.

  • SPV’s have their own assets, liabilities, and financial statements. The assets held within an SPV do not appear on the balance sheet of the parent company.

  • SPVs are easy to set up, help manage risk, and have very few regulation requirements.

Rainbird SM Logo.jpg
Purpose of Investment: Land and Infrastructure for the first Rainbird Village

Our goal is to create whole systems, resilient villages across rural America that include the infrastructure for Jobs, Housing, Education, Health & Wellness, Regenerative Agriculture, Clean Energy, Secure Telecom, Trade, Community Conviviality, and Personal Thrivability where people can enjoy life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness free from the conventional extractionist economic treadmill.

We need to begin somewhere. (This will be that place to go to see how it works.)

We have located an almost ideal place to build this first Village. We are happy to talk to you about the details of this real estate acquisition, but because of the sensitive nature of this deal, we will not reveal its location here. 

Our collaborators for this first Village are seasoned, "best of breed" companies and individuals who are eager to build the synergistic components of our whole-systems community.

This first ​demonstration site will be built by Rainbird Development Company’s project-specific Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), pre-sold to Rainbird Village Municipality, which will occupy the site and ramp up revenue generating operations concurrent with the development phases delineated below. Rainbird Village is incorporated as a municipal corporation under the Home-Rule provision of the Utah constitution and is tax exempt under IRC 170(c)1.  Rainbird Village, at the point of viability, will refinance the project and exit the investors.

The phasing of the project is for the convenience of investors and contributors. Time Frames are approximate and may overlap. We will be fundraising for all phases as soon as property acquisition is closed.


Intended Businesses:


  • Hospitality - Ecotourism, Event hosting, Lodging, Dining (with most food grown on the property), Corporate Retreats, Family Reunions, Destination Weddings, Programs and Entertainment.


  • Health & Wellness - Comprehensive Wellness Assessments & Annual Physical Examinations. Integrative & Functional Medicine Diagnostics, Education & Treatment. Bio-Feedback, Medical Spa Treatments, Physical & Exercise Therapy, Wearable devices, Massage Therapy, Nutrition, Supplements & Nutri-genomics, Naturopathic and Herbal support, Pharmaceutical evaluations, Yoga, Tai Chi, and other holistic health strategies.


  • Ecological System Services - Education: Regenerative Arts & Ecologies Institute, including a Permaculture Research Institute for Mountain Ecosystems. Regenerative Forestry, Ranching, Farming, & Landscape Management.  Ecosystem Restoration Services: Soil, Water, Energy & Waste management systems.  Skills Training: Wood, Metal, Fabrics, Pottery. Mechanics & Technology training, research and development.


  • Products and Retail - Fresh & Value-added Food  (Fruit, Vegetables, Meats, Preserves, Bakery, Cheese,  etc.) Nutritional, Medicinal & Cosmetic items. Other maker-space items: Wood, Metal, Fabric, and Pottery Products, etc.  Hand-crafted items. (examples: Quilts, home goods, clothing, tools, furnishings, artistic items)  All produced in the village or locally sourced and sold on-site and online. + Convenience store goods.

Business Support Services:

Leadership, Management, & Program Development

Governance - Business & Community

Education Support - Community education, Wellness, and Agroecology/Forestry Institute

Data & Electronic Services - Hardware, Software, Applications & Analytics

Financial Services - Bookkeeping, Accounting, Analysis & Strategy

Quality Assurance, Accountability & Legal 

Human Resources & Personnel

Public & Stakeholder Relations - Sales, Marketing, Public Information & Reputation Management,         Government/Academic/Corporate Partnerships & Endorsements. Larger Community outreach.

Phase 1
PHASE ONE: The Resort and Health Spa

Approximately $120-125 Million. Time Frame 2.5 - 3 years

Land = $84 Million for almost 5000 acres of prime land. Land price includes about $20 Million in 1890 Water Rights, and Structures costing more than $160 Million to build.

Development = $40 Million

1. Regenerative Overall Site Plan

     Land assessment and designs

     Preliminary regenerative agriculture implementation

     Infrastructure planning and implementation: Water, Power, Sewer, Fire Department, Fuel Station

2. Technology - Internet Infrastructure, Security, Keys, Planning for High Tech Infrastructure.

3. Revenue generation - Modifications of existing buildings for almost immediate business opportunities.

a. We call it "the Chateau." We will be converting this lovely building into an elite functional/integrative health spa and clinic. Special anti-aging and upscale service will be available. Great for corporate annual physicals.

The property includes horse stables, a swimming pool, large fishing and canoeing pond, weight room and more.

(See Videos)

Pond at sunset_edited.jpg
Health Spa entrance.jpg

b. We call this one "the Mansion." It will become our conference and event center. An opulent building which is adaptable to many functions. It has lovely guest rooms, including bridal suite. To add fun and relationship building, the mansion is equipped with lovely dining facilities, a resort size swimming pool, bowling alley, basketball court and other amenities. We will need to upgrade furnishings and it is ready to go. (See Video) The mansion also has a space for our first retail convenience store. (see below right)

Covered Entry.jpg
Swimming Pool.jpg
Future convenience store.jpg

c. And. here we have "the Hunt Lodge." This property, which is adjacent to the other two properties, is valuable for a number of reasons. There is a warehouse associated with it that will be a great staging site for construction. It is also set up well to accommodate the Village's first restaurant with very little alteration. (See Video)

lower level kitch.webp
Pool table.webp
Great Room.webp

4. New Construction - Additional Guest housing 

     10 Triplex units at the Chateau property 

     10 Triplex units at the Mansion property

     Triplex units consist of a 1 bedroom apartment and 2 efficiency       apartments that can be used separately or together. (concepts only)

Charming guest cottage..jpg
Guest rooms - Hudson Valley.jfif
Luxury bath 2.jfif
  • Rainbird Village will begin work immediately to establish a Holistic Health Spa and Clinics. Our audience is international. Our services include: Comprehensive Wellness Assessments & Annual Physical Examinations. Integrative & Functional Medicine Diagnostics, Education & Treatment. Bio-Feedback, Medical Spa Treatments, Physical & Exercise Therapy, Wearable devices, Massage Therapy, Nutrition & Nutri-genomics, Naturopathic and Herbal support, Pharmaceutical evaluations, Yoga, Tai Chi, and other holistic health strategies.

Holistic Health.jpg

Subject Matter Expertise

For Phase One, we have exceptional individuals and organizations working with us in the following areas:

City Planners/Designers/Engineers, World-class Permaculture/Agroecologists/Holistic Managers,

Architects/Construction Professionals, Renewable Energy and Advanced Technologies, Fire Safety Experts,

Functional Medicine Practitioners, Exercise Therapists, Hospitality - Chefs, Maintenance/Full Staff.

Please talk to us about specific people and organizations.  

Phase 2
PHASE TWO: Community and Retail

Approximately $70 - 90 Million. Time Frame: 3 - 4 years

Development = $70 Million+

1. Expand Agricultural Capabilities - Greenhouses, Begin Animal Agriculture (concepts only)

Green house with walled garden.jfif
Farm Animals.jpg

2. Technology - Energy Infrastructure development: 

Earth Power Lodge, Small Hydro, Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Methane harvesting, batteries and coordination. Plan for future molten salt nuclear. (concepts only)

Wavy solar energy.jpg
Turbulent generator.jpg
Earth Power Lodge_edited.jpg
Qnergy Methane capture.jfif
Molten Salt Reactor.jpg

3. Community Center and Subdivision Infrastructure - Here we begin to establish our educational programs, business incubation, staff cafeteria, value added food production, recreation, and temporary housing. The community center is a large multipurpose building, with a staff guest facility (like a small hotel) of about 20 rooms. This building is the heart of the community and much of life, gathering, business, fun and learning will occur here. It will contain kitchens and dining, class/meeting rooms, business offices, recreation, and other multi-purpose areas (Maker Spaces). Roads and Utilities will be installed for future home building.

Residential Villages.jpg

4. Retail Center - Architecture and Planning. Build Stage 1of3: including a Country Store and Restaurant. (concepts only)

Apothecary store.jfif
Fine Dining 2.jfif
Shopping at Christmas.jpg

5. Additional Gathering Spaces - Conservatory and Pavilion.

These gathering structures will be close to the Chateau and Retail Areas. In the style of our European friends, we offer these beautiful buildings as a way to observe and feel at one with the natural world that surrounds us, and come together with friends and neighbors. (concepts only)


Subject Matter Expertise

For Phase Two, we have exceptional individuals and organizations working with us in the following areas:

The continuation of Phase One experts, architects and planners + Plant and Animal Agriculture Hires, Renewable Energy Experts, Greenhouse and Conservatory Experts 

Please talk to us about specific people and organizations.  

Phase 3
Agroforestry Building.jpg
PHASE THREE: The University

Approximately $60 - 75 Million. Time Frame: 3 - 4 years

Development = $60 Million+

1. Expand Agricultural Capabilities - Add Dairy and Sheering Sheds (concepts only)

Valais Blacknose Sheep_edited.jpg
Garden circle.jpg

2. Technology - Data Center Development 

We will be collecting copious amounts of data so as to learn faster about natural processes. We have learned that Nature is a wonderous tutor, but a terrible enemy. Rainbird also works toward more specific and integrated applications for operating and managing regenerative villages. We begin humbly and expand.


Data Center2_edited.jpg

3. The Regenerative Arts and Ecologies Institute (RAEI) - Architect and Build

The Institute is literally a university of regeneration. In this phase, Rainbird Village expands educational programs, business incubation, and additional Maker Spaces and Studios. RAEI is a Living Building Challenge initiative.


Why would we be building such an educational institution? Well, it's because of the times that we are in! Many institutions have lost the trust of the people. Many city people now want to live in the country, and have a more regenerative, or at least a less harmful life style. But, City folks don't know how to live in the country. Many don't have productivity skills. That is where we come in. 

Maker wood shop.jpg
maker fibre arts2.jpg
Maker metal shop.jpg
Maker spaces.jpg

4. Employee Residences: Building - Stage 1of3

A variety of ecologically appropriate homes will be built. Approximately 30 Units to be built in the first stage. (Approx $20-25 Million) Single, duplex & triplex units will house full-time employee owners of the village. (Examples)

Residential Home stone and timber_edited.jpg
Home of stone.jpg

5. Retail Center - Building - Stage 2of3:

including Farmer Specialties, Clothing, More food service, etc.

New builds include upper story residences (concepts only)

Shopping Area2.jpg
Shopping Area.jpg

These pictures are more extravagant, and perhaps more gothic, than what we have in mind, but the real shopping area will have a European flair to harmonize with the Chateau and Mansion.

Subject Matter Expertise​

For Phase Three, we have exceptional individuals and organizations working with us in the following areas:​The continuation of Phase 1 and 2 experts, architects and planners + World Class Educators, Experienced Regenerative Business Incubators and Accelerators, and Outstanding Technologists. We will also be collaborating with Local Universities (UVU, BYU, and USU) to exchange expertise and student experience.


Please talk to us about specific people and organizations.  

**Because of the Educational Nature of this phase, we will be seeking large charitable donations from foundations and other organizations. Grant money may also be available for some functions, as well.

Phase 4
PHASE FOUR: Recreation Vehicle Park and Activities

Approximately $70 - 80 Million. Time Frame: 3 - 4 years​


Development = $70 Million+  ($20 Million: access road with US Forest Service)

1. Expand Agricultural Capabilities - move dairy to larger property. Add abattoir, meat packing, leather, more greenhouses, and value-added food processing facilities. (concepts only)

Leather goods_edited_edited.jpg
Jersey Cows.jpg
Milking robot.jpg

2. Technology - Advanced Monitoring Systems

Utilizing Drones for checking fence-lines, monitoring wild animal activity. Droids/robots for weeding and other functions. Community security and fire abatement. (concepts only)

Garden Robot2.jpg

3. RV Park, Amphitheater, Recreation Facilities

Plan and Build RV and Camping pads with hookups, picnic tables, and fire pits.

Recreation: including swimming pool and/or splash pad. Future ski?

Convenience store: rest rooms/showers, laundry.

Outdoor Amphitheater: for evening performances/Forest Ranger talks.

It is important to us to have a community where there is something for everyone, and that money is not the only value. (concepts only)

RV Park.jpg
RV Park2.jpg

4. Employee Residences: Building - Stage 2of3 

An additional 40 - 45 Units to be built in the second stage. (Approx. $30 - 45 Million) Single, duplex & triplex units will house full-time employee owners of the village. (Examples)

Home of stone2.jpg
Home Modern2.jpg
Home Modern.jpg
Residential Home Timber.jpg

5. Retail Center - Building - Stage 3of3:

Residences on upper floors. Boutique stores, maker space outlets, Utah collaboration spaces (concepts only)

Pottery Shop_edited.jpg
Violin maker_edited.jpg
Artisan store.jpg

Subject Matter Expertise​

For Phase Four, we have exceptional individuals and organizations working with us in the following areas:​


The continuation of Phase 1, 2 and 3 experts, architects and planners + Retail business collaborators: Utah Based Businesses and Regenerative Product Businesses. Abattoir and meat packing/leather goods experts. Artisans and Craftsmen. Animal Agriculture Collaborators. 


Please talk to us about specific people and organizations.  

Phase 5
PHASE 5: The Hobbit Village

Approximately $40 - 60 Million. Time Frame: 3 - 4 years​

Development = $40+ Million

1. Expand Agricultural Capabilities - Further expansion of Regenerative Agriculture potential

2. Technology - Expand Data Center. Increased data collection and systems analysis.

3. Architecture and Building of Hobbit Town on Mansion Property - Hospitality and Recreation (concepts only)

Lorre Hobbit Village.jpg

A place where we can demonstrate the practicality of earth-bermed structures and at the same time give rise to the delights of imagination. A perfect place for guests and residents to enjoy all of the benefits of Rainbird Village. (Credit to Ancient Lore Village, Tennessee)

Hobbit village kitchen.jpg
Lorre Hobbit Village2.jpg

4. Employee/Owner Home Building - Stage 3of3. This subdivision is close to the Hobbit Village and Mansion. It will include 10 to 12 Single, duplex and triplex homes. We may carry the theme of the Hobbits forward. (concepts only)

Home for Hobbit Village2.jpg
Home for Hobbit Village.jpg

5. Land and Architectural refinements: Bridges and Formal Garden Project.

There are 2 places that we may want to build bridges. The island pond will need a new bridge, and a bridge over the canyon (800 ft. span) between the university and the mansion would be very beneficial. Additionally, the area between the Chateau and the Community Center is an ideal place to add a formal garden. (concepts only)

Bridge arch.jpg
Formal Garden.jpg
Bridge Canyon_edited.jpg
Home in Garden.jpg

Subject Matter Expertise​

For Phase Five, Experts continuing from phases 1, 2, 3 & 4 (see above)

Continuing to resource the best talent, and at this point, the Employee/Owners of Rainbird Village are a significant source of talent.


Please talk to us about specific people and organizations.  


Potential service convergence to the largest emerging markets in the world. 

  • Hospitality - Global Market is expected to hit $5.9 Trillion by 2022.  Travelers in Utah spent $10.06 Billion in 2019, even more in 2023. Utah is a great tourist destination and our programs and services are at the pinnacle of the health and wellness industries. We think that we check all of the boxes for value, variety of activities, and our focus on a regenerative future. We don't know of another place that brings together all of these desirable qualities better than we do.

Market size Hospitality_edited.jpg
Utah Tourism.jpg

The property spans about 5.5 miles East to West and the elevation goes from 5,700 feet to 9,000 feet. The terrain offers spectacular mountain and valley views and a multitude of activities for 4 season enjoyment. Because of our ecological emphasis, we will not over build or misuse the land, so it will continue to offer the very best of experience for our guests who want solitude, personalized service, and a one of a kind experience. The location is remote but convenient. It is only a little over an hour from the Salt Lake International Airport. The opulent mansion house and grounds offer uncommon luxury and comfort. Guests will feel like royalty. 

  • Health and Wellness - Global market was $4.2 Trillion in 2017 with $52.5 Billion being spent within the United States. 79% of employers are now offering wellness programs for their employees. Workplace disease management programs are losing popularity to wellness programs. Health and wellness industry  spending growth makes it a direct competitor to healthcare spending. Who wouldn't rather stay well than become ill? Since many of the most lethal diseases are lifestyle and nutrition related, it makes sense to place focus on health.

Market size Wellness_edited_edited.jpg
  • Ecological System Services - Definitely a growing sector of our economy and perhaps the most important, but the first two will carry us to profitability. By investing in us, you are also supporting our ecological mission to bring forth education and research in the areas of Agroforestry, Holistic Land Management, Agroecology and Permaculture. Likely revenues in this area: $6 to 10 Million/year. You are supporting regenerative villages of the future.

  • Products and Retail - Definitely the icing on the cake. A demonstration site for regenerative commerce and economics. Likely revenues of $16 to 20 Million per year or more.


Rainbird Village is in the forefront of emerging markets in hospitality, health and wellness and ecological services. We are somewhat unique in that we are bringing together the elements that will bring success to rural development of the future. Without better examples to follow, the future could be quite bleak. The usual scenario for the future projections is one of austerity and belt-tightening, and it is our desire to demonstrate the abundance of working in whole systems design and implementation. Our system solves so many of our current modern problems.

Numbers are based as closely as possible to our model. Please ask for our Proforma.

TAM SAM SOM Template.jpg
Market Size
Financials (coming soon)
Exit Strategy



Rainbird Village will now be in full operation, with festivals, and cultural events in addition to our usual revenue streams. Full data collection aspects are in operation. The Village will now refinance the project through a Municipal Bond or other non-recourse funding and the investors will be exited. We are now ready to begin funding other villages. We hope our investors will come with us on the next adventure.

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